Monday, October 31, 2011

Watermelon Skull


Last night a few of my friends came over to watch the Miami Dolphins-New York Giants game. Due to the fact that it was the night before Halloween we decided to have festive food. I made the Funny Faced Caprese, and my friend Katie brought Worms and Dirt. Worms and Dirt is one of Dan's favorites so Katie left the extra behind for him to enjoy.

I attempted to soak gummy worms in vodka. I had heard it was awesome. I must have soaked them too long because they turned out more like one huge mass of jelly. I may have to put a little more research into that one next time I try it. Haha

I also had this watermelon sitting on my counter staring at me. I was feeling a little adventurous so I grabbed my sisters exacto knife, a shish kabob stick, a vegetable peeler, and a paring knife and went to work. This is what I came out with.

 Skull with missing section for brain to show.

 Sister Jenna's touch with the knife.
Toward the end of the night we all wanted watermelon but didn't want to ruin the skull so I hollowed it out from the hole in the top of the skull. We ate the "brains" and then popped a candle inside like a jack-o-lantern. It was glowing a bright red! It was hard to get a good picture of the glow but it was pretty neat:)

Watermelon Skull

Materials Needed
Vegetable Peeler
Shish Kabob Stick
Paring Knife
Exacto Knife

Use vegetable peeler to peel off all of the watermelons skin
Use a shish kabob stick to trace lines on the pumpkin where you want to cut. 
Use the paring knife and exact knife to cut on the lines, and pop out sections in small pieces.
Use a spoon to dig depth in to the eyes.

Have fun! And have a safe and happy Halloween!!


  1. This is too cute, Kaela!! Missing you and your cooking/treats/ideas! xoxo

  2. Miss you too Jill! It would have been fun to have you around for Halloween:( HOpe to see you soon!!