Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fast Warm Donut Balls

Fast Warm Donut Balls

These are SO fast and SO easy. Something quick to whip up for a treat, after dinner, or when the kids come home from school on a cold day. These will AMAZE you! I can't remember who taught me these. It was back in my teens I believe.

Ingredients -
Tube of Pillsbury or similar refrigerator biscuits-regular ones NOT layered or flaky
Oil for frying such as vegetable or peanut
Choose your favorite - powdered sugar, white sugar, cinnamon and sugar

Directions -
-Fill a bowl or two with sugar, cinnamon and sugar, or powdered sugar. - Set aside
-Fill a pot with about 2 inches of oil.

-Heat oil to a steady 350 degrees make sure it doesn't get over 350(use candy thermometer)

-Take refrigerator biscuits out of tube and cut each biscuit into quarters.

-Flatten each quarter a little bit before carefully placing in 350 degree oil.

-Place a few pieces of dough in the oil. Don't over pack. They shouldn't be crammed and touching.

-Fry dough until golden brown and then flip to fry the other side until golden brown. (about 2ish min per side) I always try just one piece first to be sure that my oil is not too hot - which results in the outside of the donut being burnt but the inside being doughy.

-Remove golden biscuit from oil onto paper towel. After about 30 seconds you can roll donut in your choice of sugar.

-Continue to fry dough until all dough pieces are donuts. As you are frying keep thermometer in oil to constantly check oil temp.

-Enjoy warm.

-With a person or two in the house, I have a hard time keeping a plate filled with fresh ones!

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  1. Well, Kaela, I do believe it was me. Rhonda F had them when she babysat Tom, and we imported the idea. Don't you remember the run on bought biscuits? It was a little embarassing, but they were good, and we'd go through quite a few when you kids had people over.