Monday, August 23, 2010

Spicy Scoop Casserole

Since Dan has been at camp I quit making full meals. I'm more of a grazer when I am by myself. If you look in my fridge it is pretty pathetic. A head of cabbage, some cheese, Diet Dr. Pepper, and lots of condiments.
Well he is home now and I have not been grocery shopping yet. Last night I took a little of this and a little of that of all the odd things we had around, and made a casserole. It actually turned out awesome! I think I will even make it again:)

Spicy Scoop Casserole

- 3-4 chicken breasts cooked and diced (4 cups)
- 1 can of cream of mushroom soup unprepared
- 1 can of cream of chicken soup unprepared
- 1 cup (4oz) taco bell HOT taco sauce
- Sprinkle of pepper
- Drizzle of olive oil
- 1 cup uncooked brown rice
- 1 cup picante
- 1 cup plus ¼ cup Mexican blend cheese
- Scoop chips
- 1/8 cup pickled jalapenos minced (optional)

- Take 1 cup of uncooked brown rice and prepare it. (45 minutes)
- While rice is cooking - In a pan heat olive oil and cook diced chicken in it. As chicken is cooking sprinkle lightly with black pepper. Do not over cook.
-Remove cooked chicken from pan and set aside. Return empty hot pan to burner.
- To hot pan and add both unprepared soups, taco sauce, picante and 1 cup Mexican blend cheese. Mix until heated and smooth.
- Turn oven on at 350 degrees
- Add cooked chicken back into the pan with the soup mixture. Should be fairly thick like a thick gravy or pudding consistency. Set burner on very lowest setting of heat and put a lid on pan just to keep it warm. Rice should be about done.
- When rice is done, mix it up with chicken mixture and transfer all to a 9x13 pan.
- Flatten it out in the pan so it is smooth on top.
- Place Scoop chips on top and sprinkle with the remaining ¼ cup cheese and minced jalapenos.
- Pop in oven uncovered for 3-5 minutes or until cheese is melted. (Because all ingredients are steamy when going in oven, the real only reason to bake is to melt cheese.)
- Serve immediately with a side of extra Scoops for scooping.
- This is spicy but that’s because Dan and I love spicy stuff so I used HOT taco sauce and HOT picante.
- If spicy isn’t your thing, you could switch to mild taco sauce and picante, and also omit the jalapenos.
- This is just a recipe I threw together with what ever I had around. But it turned out great and will surely make it again. I may add sliced black olives next time too.

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