Thursday, August 26, 2010

Delicioso Chipotle Pork

As I was inventing this recipe I was not very confident about what the ending result may be. Having fed Dan overly salty chicken the night before, I am not sure why I was trying to "invent" another recipe the very next night. Even after the roast had started cooking I doubted myself so called my sister Crystal to ask her what she thought about cooking the roast directly in the marinade.
Come 7 o'clock that night my tummy was happy as this dish turn out fabulous. I will definitely make this again. I look forward to the leftovers:) This is a MUST TRY. Mmmmm!
My guess is that the meat is just as good, if not better as left overs, giving it time to sit in itself. Depending on the size of the roast, you may choose to pop it in the oven right before bed, and wake up in the morning to deal with it. You could then store the prepared meat in the fridge and reheat that night.

Delicioso Chipotle Pork

-Pork butt roast (mine was 2.7 lbs. If yours is very different in size, adjust ingredients accordingly)
-1yellow onion cut in 1-inch chunks
-7 cloves of garlic sliced up
-1 cup plus ¼ cup Goya Mojo Chipotle
-Sesame Buns grilled with butter. I butter and BRIEFLY broil to toast em. (Or hoagie rolls or any sandwich bread of your choice)
-Pepperoncinis sliced

-Place Roast in glass baking dish and pour 1 cup of Goya Mojo Chipotle over it.
-Massage the Mojo into the roast
-With a knife make little slivers throughout the roast.
-Using finger poke garlic slices into the slivers until.
-At this point you should have a garlic poked roast sitting in a glass baking dish sitting in a cup of -Chipotle Mojo.
-Throw the cut up onion in with the roast.
-Put a lid on the baking dish or cover with foil and pop in a 250 oven.
-Cook undisturbed for 1 ½ hours per pound of meat.
-Take roast out of oven. Quickly test meat by poking fork in middle and twisting.
-Remove meat from juice and set on cutting board or plate for 20-30 minutes untouched. (This allows cooling, and retaining moisture and flavor before shredding.)
-In an empty bowl, place the roast. Remove any big chunks of fat, and then shred meat by dragging 2 forks across each other.
-Once the meat is shredded to your liking, pour one cup of the leftover meat juice from the baking dish into the shredded meat mixture.
-Pour the extra ¼ cup fresh unbaked Mojo sauce into the shredded mixture.

(This is the method I used to create my desired taste and spiciness. To create your own, maybe alternate using ¼ cup baked Mojo, and ¼ cup fresh Mojo until it is perfect for you. FYI fresh unbaked Mojo is saltier and spicier.)

-On butter grilled Sesame bun, place a scoop or two of shredded pork.
-Top with pepponcinis
-Serve with cinnamon brown sugar sweet potatoes and black beans and rice. Awesome as left overs too!

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