Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perfect Bite Rolo Treats

I ran across these while surfing the Internet. They seem to be on many websites and cooking blogs. These yummy little buggers are just amazing! Amazingly quick and easy. And amazingly tasty! This is the perfect combination of sweet and salty:)
After I made them, photographed them, and pulled up my blog on my computer to post, I typed "bag of rolos" in the google search engine to see how many Rolos were in a bag. There, right on the 1st page of google search popped up my friend Christy's blog! She had made these back in 2009! This recipe was in my circle of friends the whole time and I didn't even notice! Serves as a good reminder to dig in the archives of blogs and not just hit the first few pages. Christy's blog is Check it out! This is where I got the awesome buffalo chicken dip too.
Dan is at camp now, and I always love to send treats with him. I like knowing that he and his locker room buddies have something to snack on through out the day. When Dan brings empty Tupperware home, I refill it with something new. It's become our fall camp tradition.

- 1 lb bag of mini pretzels (the ones about the size of a fifty scent piece)
- 1 large bag of M&M's of your choice (I used both regular and peanut butter M&M's)
- 2 bags of Rolos

-Wash hands
-Unwrap all Rolos
-Preheat oven to 250 degrees
-As oven is preheating, lay out a layer of pretzels on a cookie sheet. Lay them out flat, and NOT over lapping. Just side by side.
-Place a Rolo bigger side down on the center of each pretzel.
-Pop in the preheated oven for 5 minutes. Set the timer so they don't over heat and melt too much.
-While the 5 minutes is running down, open the bag of M&M's and pour them in a bowl so they are readily accessible.
-After 5 minutes, carefully take the pretzels out of the oven.
-Leave them on the pan.
-Immediately, one by one, place an M&M on the top of each Rolo and press down squishing the chocolate a little.
-Once all are topped and squished with an M&M, move them from the pan to a container or extra cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. Set in refrigerator to cool and harden quickly.
-Store at room temperature.

These little treats can be made with any type of M&M, and also any color of M&M the holiday may call for. :)
You could also omit the M&M's and use pecan halves to make turtles:)

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout. I do the same thing and send stuff with John otherwise I would eat everything. I love these. So easy to pop like popcorn!