Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dorothy and Kim's Strawberry Daiquiris!

This is a recipe that I tasted way back and just could never get out of my mind. I facebooked my friend Dorothy and asked for it hoping after 6 or 7 years she would still have it. I was so delighted to quickly get a response back with the recipe:) I can't wait to make these again:) When I do I will add a pic. Thanks Dorothy!

(Here is what she face booked me back with)....

Strawberry Daiquiri's for a group:
4 packages of frozen Strawberries(16oz)
2 cans of frozen lemonade
1 fifth white rum (28oz).
Blend this all together and freeze. Will be slushy.
Put some mix in a glass and add 7-up.
Drink and enjoy.
This is Kim Lindsay's recipe that she gave me and she uses for showers and things.

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