Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wheat Thin Thingies

Wheat Thin Thingies

So....I tried to think of a fancy name for these things but nothing sounded right. In our house we call them Wheat Thin there ya go....That is what we shall call them....My Aunt Ruth used to make these way back when, along with a ton of other Christmas treats. These are some of my favs....I remember these the most of anything she made because I loved them so much. I made some for Christmas Baking this year, but they I am going to have to start again and try not to think about them in my freezer this time.

Wheat Thin Thingies

1 box original wheat thins
1/2 jar (about) Creamy Peanut Butter
1/3 package Chocolate Almond Bark or Log House Candiquik Chocolate.

Other utensils
wax paper
butter knife
microwaveable bowl or double boiler
cookie sheet or something to lay the PB sandwich stage on.
flat surfaced item that will later fit in the fridge or freezer.

-Using butter knife, glob some peanut butter on top one wheat thin, and then sandwich with another wheat thin so that the PB starts to squish out the side.
-Use butter knife along edges of sandwich to smooth PB evenly with the edges. (see picture)
- Repeat until all wheat thins are used.
- Melt dipping chocolate in bowl.
- While chocolate is melting, cover a flat surfaced item that can be transferred to the fridge or freezer later with waxed paper.
- Next take one sandwich at a time and drop in hot melted chocolate.
using the fork and butter knife, quickly coat the sandwich with chocolate.
- (If you place the freshly dipped sandwich on the fork over the bowl and tap the bottom of fork against knife, the extra chocolate will run off quicker and easier)
- Next use the butter knife to slide the sandwich on to the waxed paper to cool.
- Repeat with each sandwich until all are used.
- Once all are dipped and put on waxed paper to cool, transfer to the freezer or fridge.
- Now enjoy!
- I stored mine in a grocery bag lined recycled Folgers Can with a snap lid in the freezer. My guess is that if not so delicious, they may have been good for a month or two in there stored.

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