Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heart Attack Corn

Heart Attack Corn

Heart Attack Corn

The ingredients speak for the name I have given this dish,.....but it is ooooooooo so good. Sorry waistline....I WILL be having this again....just can't afford to very

1 can corn
3 TB purple onion chopped
3 slices thick bacon
2 oz cream cheese
2 TB milk plus 2 more TB milk
1 TB bacon drippings
1 TB Butter
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp Cajun seasoning

Served 3 of us as a side dish to BBQ Pork Loin and Potato Salad....YES....I may have a heart attack:)

-In pan fry bacon.
-Set bacon to the side on paper towel
-Discard all but the 1 TB bacon drippings
-Throw chopped onion in bacon drippings
-Over med/low heat cook onion in the 1 TB bacon drippings
-When onion is cooked, throw in 1 can of drained corn, garlic powder, Cajun
seasoning, pepper, butter, and 2 TB milk.
-Stir and cook till bubbling
-At this time if the rest of your food isn't done, a lid can be put on this and set
aside for a while.....
-After mixture is bubbling, cube cream cheese and scatter on top corn mixture.
-Stir in cream cheese and keep at low/med heat stirring occasionally.
-While waiting for cream cheese to melt in, crumble bacon.
-When cream cheese is blended in well, add the last two TB of milk.
-Scatter Crumbled bacon on top of corn and serve in a heated serving bowl.