Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pickle Roll Ups

Pickle Roll Ups

Pickle Roll Ups
This is a simple but time consuming appetizer recipe. I have never had left overs. They ALL get eaten. It's amazing how basic they are, but how yummy.

- 1 package of cream cheese (can use low is just as yummy)
- 3 2oz packages of Buddig -Beef, Corn Beef, Pastrami, or Ham.
- 1 jar of pickles about 24 oz size

-Whip cream cream so it is very spreadable. It is easier if it is room temp. If it doesn't whip, microwave it for just a few seconds at a time until you can whip it, OR add a tablespoon of milk or water and then whip.
-If using small or baby pickles, your pickles are probably ready to use. If using big pickles or spears, slice so that they are about the thickness of your middle finger.
-After all pickles are cut, and cream cheese is ready, open bags of meat.
-On a cutting board, use a butter knife to spread the whipped cream cheese on one slice of meat at a time.
-After the meat is spread evenly with cream cheese, place a pickle on one end, and roll it up.
-Trim ends. Feed the ends to yourself, the kids, or in my case, the boyfriend sitting there patiently waiting for them. :)
-Repeat until all ingredients are done.
-The pickle roll ups can be sliced into as small of pieces as you would like.
-Can be served with toothpicks.
-Refrigerate till ready to serve.
-The different meats provide quite different taste combinations. But all are good. Find your fav:) Same goes for the amount of cream cheese used in each roll up....test a few:)

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