Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tzatziki. best in the state of Montana

Ok girls, here's one that you probably won't try, since it starts with an actual goat, but you could modify this and make a pretty good one. I decided a couple of days ago to try making some goats milk yogurt, so I milked a quart out of Happy and made two pint jars of really fab yogurt in my crockpot. But that's another recipe. Today, I strained one of the pints, peeled and seeded a cucumber, then put it (the grated cuc) in a bowl with a little salt while I VERY finely chopped three small to med cloves of garlic. A press would be handy here, but I dont have one. Threw the garlic a bowl with the strained yogurt, squeezed the excess juice, (really squeezed) out of the grated cucumber, and added that. Then finely chopped some frozen dill, though dry would be fine and fresh would be best, and tossed that in too. Mixed. Squirted in maybe a tsp or two of lemon juice, a TBSP or two of olive oil, and a few shakes of black pepper. Its wonderful, and I think it will be even more wonderful tomorrow when it has had time to rest. Vegetables, crusty bread, whatever you want to use it with, fill a squirt gun and carry it in a holster, its that good.

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  1. You are funny made something similair the other day but it was missing something.....cucumber, and real dill! Yeah! Thanks for the recipe! Yum Yum!